What to expect

For many of the families that I have worked with, their newborn session is the first time that they have all ventured out of the house together. As a mum of three I am very aware of this and I work hard to make sure that you have a memorable and special experience. My aim is for you to sit back and relax, drink tea and eat cake and let me look after you while you watch me capturing timeless images of your baby.

Sessions can vary as some babies are very nosy and like to stay awake, whilst some babies sleep through the whole way through. Both are completely normal and whatever happens there is no hurry. I allow between 2 – 4 hours and this helps to accommodate feeds and changes. I send you some detailed information a week or so before the session to help us all to get the best from the time we have together.

At the end I arrange a suitable time with you for you to come back for your private viewing. I then go away and professionally retouch your babies images, be prepared to love them all.