Why invest in professional photography?

Most of us these days have a pretty decent camera, so I have put together some reasons why you may wish to book a newborn specialist like me to capture your baby during the first few weeks.

The most important aspect of photography is the light. I have invested a lot into learning how to use this to best effect. The first few weeks of a baby’s life are so unique, they have a gorgeous squishyness that soon disappears as they learn to stretch and explore. If you come to me I will guarantee to capture these moments for you.

I’ve been trained to pose babies safely and how to use editing equipment to compose images together. Often you may see a photograph and wonder did the baby really pose like that ? A lot of images are created using special editing techniques, and I never force a pose just to get it, I always go with the baby and how they are on the day.

I will spend time in person or on the telephone with you after you have booked before your session, discussing what styles of art that you like, so I can make sure that I create the very best for you. After all these images are forever.

Often newborns have milk spots, slightly flakey skin and a little jaundice. I use my editing skills to iron some of these little things out. I also discuss with you how much you like retouching, as milk spots can be so cute and often parents want certain things to stay.

I only do 4 shoots a week so I invest a lot of time into each session, your baby is an individual and I want you to see that in the finished product.