Your local newborn photography specialist

Welcome to Newborn Smiles Photography. I’m Nicola, a bespoke newborn photographer for babies up to 10 days old. I provide a relaxed experience for parents wishing to have beautiful timeless images that will last for generations.

I have always had a passion for photographing people. When I look at faces in pictures they conjure up so many emotions. I am a mother of three, and as soon as I had my first daughter I became aware of how quickly those precious newborn moments can go in a flurry of feeding, changing and desperately trying to catch 40 winks when you can. I think my children are possibly the most photographed children ever and have become quite used to me getting my camera out at every opportunity.

My promise to you is to give you a few hours during those first weeks (up to 10 days old is the perfect time) to come to my cosy home studio, sit and take the chance to just look at your little wonder, while I take some timeless photographs for you to cherish for ever. Sit and eat cake, drink tea/coffee/chocolate and maybe catch some of those 40 winks that you have suddenly grown to appreciate more than ever!

I am part of a group of award winning photographers that specialise in newborn art. So you can be sure that for those few hours that I spend with you, your baby and you will be the most important people to me. Please email or telephone me for more details. We take bookings from after your 20 week scan and book a floating date.

Remember, you only get one chance.